When we design a custom solution for you, we pay attention to detail and design the site to your specifications. To assure we meet your goals, we follow our Five Step Process.

Step 1:
Information Gathering and Proposal

In this step, we'll talk to you about the objectives and target audience for your site. We'll be looking for information on your company or organization to make sure we fully understand the site requirements. We'll also talk with you about the desired approach to pricing to make sure your budget is met. The final detail of this step is to provide you with a proposal, including a pricing plan that works for you.

Step 2:
Site Planning

In this step, we'll collect more information from you. Any advertising material, brochures, handbooks, etc can be used to help us better understand the needs of you and your customers. Typically, your customers, or perspective customers, are looking to your site for information. They need to find it quickly and easily, or they'll simply look elsewhere. Web sites have gotten more and more complex as people continue to experiment with this medium. However, users don't necessarily like the complexity. We want to make sure your site will be easy to navigate. We'll also obtain your domain name for you and begin to prepare the server for your site.

Step 3:
Site Design & Implementation

Step 3 addresses the actual design of the site. Graphics are created. Programming is accomplished. Interactive elements are created. Text is written, and the actual pages are implemented along with the actual navigation scheme. In this phase the site takes it's form and all the planning is turned into reality. All of the colors of the site are created and checked to assure an aesthetically pleasing site that functions and gets results. Technical sophistication, design objectives and marketing know-how are important aspects of this step. Any one of these without the others can lead to a site that simply doesn't work. We bring all these pieces together to design the site you need. Sometimes, it makes sense to delay portions of your site in order to establish your presence more quickly. In this case, additional features are planned to be added in Step 5.

Step 4:
Testing & Approval

In this step, the site is thoroughly tested to make sure that all interactive elements are functioning as required. We'll also make sure the site functions on multiple browsers, in multiple configurations. We'll make sure your site works for the largest possible Internet audience. In this step, you'll get the chance to view and approve the final implementation of your site. This can be accomplished via CD or the Internet.

Step 5:
Site Launch, Maintenance and Support

Once your site has been tested and approved, it will be made available to the public. Once the site is launched, your site will be registered with Search Engines and we'll begin monitoring the statistics of your site. We'll inform you of the hit reports and use that information to continuously improve your site, and your web presence. If any features were intentionally delayed in Step 3, we iterate back through steps 3, 4, and 5 to implement additional portions of your site.